Website Design in Essex.

Looking for website design in Essex? We are experts in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and many more.

Our Website Services.

Building a website in this day and age can be tricky as Google are constantly ‘moving the goal posts’ so to speak, on many different areas of browsing. At Search Above, we take all of these different area’s into consideration when building your website and make sure that for both users and search engines, your website is in the best possible shape from how it looks to a user, to how it looks and loads for a search engine.

What to Expect from Our Websites.

Your website NEEDS to be awesome. We make sure it’s awesome in every aspect of online!

Fast Loading Times

All of our websites are super fast to ensure your users don’t get bored waiting for pages to load!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile is growing every year, it is our priority to make sure each website is mobile friendly.

Optimised for Search Engines

It’s one thing to have a great looking website, but you need people to find it!


We make sure our websites are easy to browse for all ages!

Our Website Build Process.

We explain our process in a little more detail below to help you understand what is involved.

Step 1.

We understand your business and acquire logins to hosting and your domain (if you have one).

Step 2.

We create a design of your website that we will get your approval before proceeding.

Step 3.

We build your website on a test domain for you to be able to review at any stage.

Step 4.

Once complete we get you to run your eyes through the website for approval.

Step 5.

We schedule a migration checklist from old website to new and carry over any existing tracking codes, SEO, etc.

Step 6.

We get the invoice settled and set your shiny new website live.

Please Note: A typical website build is around 4-6 weeks. We ask for 50% upfront and 50% upon completion, before setting live.

Contact us.

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